Live Cam Fitness Session

Live Cam Fitness Session

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This is a fun & unique opportunity to workout together via Skype in my home commercial gym! 

Each live cam fitness session varies depending on the client and their goals, fitness status, etc. However, typically a Skype fitness session will start with a warm up for about 5 minutes with me demonstrating the exercises and warming up with the client.

We then move onto the main part of the session which last approximately 30-45 minutes. Again, I demonstrate all exercises to the client via Skype and correct and analyze technique and form, while also positively motivating and encouraging the client. For instance, this may involve doing specific exercises and showing the client how to do them correctly, and counting the number of reps (or timing). I am constantly re-enforcing technique, encouraging the client, motivating them and challenging them to get out of their comfort zone!

After the main training session, we finish off with a cool-down and stretches for 5-10 minutes. During this time we also review the session and discuss progress, how the session felt, what the client enjoyed etc.